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Ruby Hill Winery

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The Ruby Hill Winery was built in 1887 and burned in the 1989.  The building is shown in June, 2000.  It is located off of Vineyard road.  The building was demolished in 2002, and a new building, designed to look very much like he original is being constructed, using the original bricks for the facing.  The new houses of the Ruby Hill development are in the background.

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Pictures taken toward the west, April 2002, from Ruby Hill.  It appears that only the northern and southern walls were still standing.  Braces can be seen holding up the southern wall.

Ruby Hill circa 1971.

The sign has the same letters missing on both sides.  This sign was on not at the winery, but a small road nearby leading to ranches.  It was replaced ~early 2002 with a new sign indicating Ruby Hill Ranch"  Picture taken  June 2000.

Tree lined road leading to the winery.  Picture taken in June 2000, before the new winery was built.  The road turns to the left beyond the palm trees and leads to the old winery, which is well off to the left.

The new building under construction.  Taken August 8, 2002
The new building is a Tilt-Up, but will use bricks from the old winery on the outside.

Another view from further west, taken on August 8, 2002.