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#95    Tequila's Taqueria (continued)
The El Ranchero Vaquero Team is representing Tequilas Taqueria, an authentic Mexican food with two locations in town - at 160. North Livermore Avenue and at 1306. N Vasco Rd. in the Vasco Plaza shopping center
Tequilas Taqueria has been family own and operated since 1996.
Come in and try delicious food and micheladas!!
(a michelada is a Mexican Bloody Mary, made with beer.)
You can see these riders and ropers again at "Sunday at Hagemann Ranch on July 2nd, when the Heritage Guild will celebrate Cowboy Day."
























#96  Wheels
This 1966 Rideo bus is owned by the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, operator of the Wheels bus service. This bus was originally part of Livermore's Rideo fleet.
When Wheels assumed the operation of the Tri Valley bus services in the mid-1980s, it acquired this historic treasure from the City of Livermore.
The bus was in need of major restoration. Alameda County Supervisor and Wheels board member, Scott Haggerty played a major role in the Rideo restoration and secured federal funding to rehabilitate this piece of Livermore’s history to its former glory.  Wheels proudly presents the completely restored Rideo bus!

Transitioning from the past to the present, this Wheels bus is part of the agency's modern bus fleet.
The bus has been nicknamed the "Freedom Bus" and uses the Wheels red, white, and blue color scheme as part of a patriotic design.
For information about all Wheels bus routes, including the convenient Route 580X between the Livermore Transit Center and the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART stations, visit wheelsbus.com.





#97  Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department.
Here comes Livermore's BRT – the Big Red Truck!
This is the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department's Truck 96 from Fire Station 6 on East Avenue, home of the Centennial Light Bulb.
The cities of Livermore and Pleasanton consolidated their fire departments in 1996 to form the Livermore- Pleasanton Fire Department.
On behalf of Chief Ruben Torres and the men and women of the Livermore- Pleasanton Fire Department, have a safe and enjoyable Rodeo Weekend!



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