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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2017
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#71  Masonic Homes of California-Siminoff Daylight Lodge #850
The Masonic Homes of California has been a vibrant part of the Tri-City community for over 100 years and is now home to over 200 residents.
Always striving to provide the most cutting-edge care to its community, the Masonic Homes has recently achieved the coveted 5 star rating from Medicare.






#72  Mosaic Lodge No. 218 Free Masons of California
Mosaic Lodge No. 218 Free & Accepted Masons of California is a fraternal men's organization. It is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the Tri-Valley area, having been formed in 1872.
Ralph Cloud is the current Master of the Lodge. Marching along with the Master in Masonic regalia, are members of Mosaic Lodge, Pleasanton Lodge, and Siminoff Lodge.
Also in the group are members of their Masonic family: we have ladies from the Order of Eastern Star, girls from the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, and young men from the Order of DeMolay.





#74  Hindu Community and Cultural Center
The Hindu Community & Cultural Center is a non-profit organization incorporated in the Springtown area in 1977.
Over the years, the Center has grown into a vibrant organization that offers community, cultural, and spiritual services to carry out its mission.
For example, the Center conducts an annual free Health Fair, free Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, a Health Advisory Clinic, and Senior Support Groups.
They also support local and national non-profit organizations with Grant-in-Aid Funds. The Center also offers scholarships to high school students from local schools and conducts many educational and advisory classes.
They also participate in Alameda County’s Food drive and ensure at least 1000 pounds of food is donated every year.
Their Youth and Education program organizes activities to keep youth motivated, like the Spelling Bee, Art Workshop, Robotic Classes, Youth Entrepreneur Leadership program, and more.
They also join hands with our Rotary clubs to distribute dictionaries to all 3rd grade children in the Livermore school district.
They have a Hindu Temple on campus and host many music, dance and other cultural performances in their state-of-the-art auditorium.
The Center's facilities and services are open for all to use. They believe in "Serving God through Serving Humanity." They are proud to be part of the Livermore community and thankful to one and all for their kind support.





#75  Livermore High Cheer/Livermore High School
The Livermore High School Cowboys Cheerleading team has over 80 athletes for the 2017 season.
The program includes sideline, competition, and a new CIF sport called STUNT.
This last season, the LHS teams placed 2nd in all-girl elite nationals, 7th in varsity co-ed nationals and ended their stunt season in 2nd overall for the north coast section.
The talent and size of the program has continued to grow through dedication, determination, and passion from its athletes, coaches, families and community.










#76  Livermore High School Football Program
“The Livermore High School Football Program includes 3 teams. Athletes with us today represent the Freshman, JV and Varsity Teams.
The LHS Football Program is excited to introduce the new Head Varsity Coach, Terry Butler.
LHS Football Athletes have flyers with the 2017 Football Schedule and they invite you all to be a part of Friday Night Lights in Livermore for the 2017 Livermore High School Football Season.”






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