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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2016
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Entries 174 - 178

174 - Livermore School of Dance
The Livermore School of Dance is co-owned by Liz Roberts, Jazz Division Director and Shelly Schoendienst, Ballet Director.
Opened in 2004, they offer many varieties of dance for all ages and levels.
They have performed at the Bankhead, Disneyland, Holiday Bowl, and many other venues in the Tri-Valley.
Their next performances will be on June 24, 25, & 26th at the Bankhead's Night at the Movies and Return to Neverland.







175 - Alzheimer's Association
Serving our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is The Alzheimer’s Association!
Join in on October 1st at their 5th annual WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek.
Visit ALZ.ORG for more information.
The End of Alzheimer’s Starts with YOU!




176 - Christensen Middle School Cougar Marching Band
The Christensen Middle School Cougar Marching Band, under the musical direction of Mike Divita, is performing in the Livermore Rodeo Parade for the 18th consecutive year.
Located in Springtown, the Christensen Cougar Marching Band has 61 students marching today under the leadership of drum major Blake Burrell..
The band will perform; “Welcome March” by Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark






177 - Giroux Wine Drayage, 1927 Model T Ford Truck
3rd Place -
Antique Vehicles

This Model T Ford Truck (The Wine Drayage Truck) was restored by Dick and Lee Giroux.
Ford Motor Company manufactured Model T Ford cars and trucks (over 18 million of them) for about 18 years; from 1908 until 1927.
This truck was manufactured in 1927; the year before Ford started making Model A cars and trucks
Model T trucks and cars were designed and built to be driven on the often muddy and rutted dirt roads of the early 1900’s.



178 - Sunshine Dance & Cheer Studio
Sunshine Dance & Cheer Studio is the newest dance studio in Livermore.
They offer fun and inspiring dance lessons for all dance levels from age 2 to adults.
Sunshine Dance instructors are passionate about the art of dance and enjoy providing an encouraging and loving environment to their students.
They offer traditional dance styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop, along with other fun styles including break dancing, ballet folklorico, and cheerleading.
Please welcome the award winning, Sunshine Dance & Cheer dancers.





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