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The Pleasanton Hotel

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The Pleasanton Hotel Restaurant has been run by Bill and Vernie Laube since 1983.
During that time there have been many wedding receptions, anniversaries, and birthday's celebrated in the restaurant.
The restaurant closed on December 31, 2008.
The following photos (except for the first one) were taken on December 30, 2008.

At the front door on 12/30/08

The hallway as seen from the front door area.

The display case at the end of the hallway.

Looking back toward the front door.

One of the dining areas on the south side.

The same room from a different angle.

The bar, on the north side of the building

The room just north of the hallway

The same room from a slightly different angle

The same room, taken from the hallway

Close-up of the window

Bill Laube on the phone, looking into the south east dining area.


One of the chandeliers in the south east dining rooms 

More of the antiques on the wall.

Best Fine Dining 2008 - Pleasanton Hotel.
by the Independent Restaurants Association.

The Poinsettia Registration