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Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
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Page 2 - The Opening
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The 13th annual Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
June 1, 2011



For the past 13 years, the Madden-Mariucci Bocce tournament has been raising money for charity.  Over 3 million dollars has been raised during that time.

The tournament began at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos.  It has been held at Campo di Bocce in Livermore since 2006, which is when the Livermore facility was opened.
Proceeds go to charity, which this year included:

Special Olympics of Northern California
Easter Seals
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Tri-Valley High School Football programs,
    including Granada, Livermore, Amador, Foothill, and Dublin High Schools

Link to the Tournament Website
Link to Campo di Bocce web site  -  Direct link to Livermore Facility







Quite a few from the buffet area.

Steve Mariucci being interviewed.


The Ice Sculpture being assembled.


Part of the food offering.


A little practice before the tournament



John Madden with the youngest player

The Italian Band.


It rained a lot shortly before tournament time.  This delayed the start.
Here a ball rolls through the water.

Brushing the water off of the court.
The synthetic court holds the water, so it must be brushed off to the ends, where there are drains.



Shrimp Pizza

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