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Livermore Library
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The Livermore Library Civic Center building opened in the Spring of 2004.
This is the 4th Library building in Livermore.  All 4 buildings still exist.
Livermore Library Web Site

Building Dates Notes
2136 First Street 1878 to 1887, 1896 to 1911  
Carnegie Building, 3rd between J & K. 1911 to 1966 Now houses the Livermore Heritage Guild & Livermore Art Association
S Livermore & Pacific Ave. 1966 to 2004  
1188 S. Livermore Ave 2004 to Present Present Library

The Livermore Library
Taken May 6, 2007
This photo also appears on Google Earth.

Similar view with bare trees in the winter, taken February 23, 2008.

Bike rack on the left (north) side

Bike Rack on the right side, near the cafe


One of the benches surrounding the mural.  Granite "books" hold up the bench.
The library front doors can be seen between the books.  The mural is just below the granite ball.

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