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Livermore First Street

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Then and Now
Historic photos with current views

About 1955, looking west.  IOOF building is the two story on the right.
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Similar view, Taken April 17, 2005, before the First St. Renovation.
IOOF building, and all of the buildings to its right are still present.
The furniture store on the left is the same store.

Similar view, February 4, 2006.
After First St. Renovation.
No leaves on the trees since this is winter.


1952.  IOOF building is slightly to the left of center
To its left is the Echo Building (now Van's Health Foods)
To its left, with the slanted roof, is the original library.
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Similar view, February 4, 2006
I believe all of the building on the left are the same ones.


Exact date not known, but it is before 1921.
East First Street looking west toward Livermore Ave.
Sweeney's Opera House on the far left, advertising Vaudville. 
The Hub is in the middle (On Livermore Ave)
McLeod Building and Dutcher's hardware on the right.
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Similar View, February 4, 2006.
The Sweeney Opera House burned in 1948.
The Hub was torn down around 1975
The McLeod Building was replaced by the Bank of Italy Building in 1921.
Dutcher's Hardware (Livermore Cyclery for many years) was torn down in 2004
to make room for the building under construction (far right). 
Livermore Cyclery is now on East First St., where Kamp's Furniture used to be.

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