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Livermore First Street

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Then and Now
Historic photos with current views

About 1935  The Schenone Building is the entrance to the State Theater
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Similar view, February 4, 2006.
Masonic Hall and Schenone building are still present, but the other buildings have changed.


About 1920.  Mally's Hotel is on the right.
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Similar view, February 4, 2006.
Again, only the Masonic and Schenone buildings are still present.



About 1932, looking west from corner of Livermore and First.
Flagpole is at its original location.  First Street does not make its curve at Livermore Ave as it does now.
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Similar view, February 4, 2006
Masonic building, Schenone building, and the one between them are still present.
The flagpole has moved since (moved to about its current position in 1959, then replaced in 2005.
First Street itself can be seen just to the right of the flagpole, beyond the lawn area. 
The street now curves to the right side of the photo as it approaches the flagpole.


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