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My Visit To
Livermore, Colorado
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Page 1 - Overview and The Forks
Page 2 - Post Office and Elementary School
Page 3 - Old Post Office and Livermore Hotel / General Store
Page 4 - Mountains - Livermore Mountain, Twin Peaks, Eagle's Nest

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Mountains around Livermore, Colorado
Eagle's Nest, Livermore Mountain, Twin Peaks

Eagle's Nest.  So named because it is near an eagle nesting area.
I think the road in the foreground goes to the river, by the eagle nesting area.
It is also known as Sleeping Buffalo Rock, because it looks like said name.

The Post office, with Eagle's Nest to the right.  The photo was taken from the balcony of The Forks

Twin Peaks (left) and Livermore Mountain (right).

Livermore Mountain

The Twin Peaks


This view is (almost) right across the street from the Old Post Office.

This spot is known "Buffalo Jumps".
See the email on the first page for details
There are a lot of this type of rock formation in the area.