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My Visit To
Livermore, Colorado
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Page 1 - Overview and photos of The Forks
Page 2 - Post Office and Elementary School
Page 3 - Old Post Office and Livermore Hotel / General Store
Page 4 - Mountains - Livermore Mountain, Twin Peaks, Eagle's Nest

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Note to those who reached this page via a search engine:
eLivermore.com is a web site about Livermore, California and the surrounding area.
These 4 pages are about Livermore, Colorado, based on my 2007 visit. 


I visited Livermore, Colorado
on April 12, 2007, while on a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado.

I had the pleasure of talking to several very friendly people in town, including the postmaster and a lady who worked at The Forks, which is the gas station / restaurant / bakery in town.

I found out that Livermore, Colorado was named for two Englishmen, one named "Liver" and the other named "Moore".
I have since learned that is was Liver Nash and Clayton Moore, and that it was originally called Livermore Park.

The population is about 6500, spread out over a large area.

What follows are several photos from Livermore, Colorado.

If you have any additional information or corrections, please email me at webservant@eLivermore.com.
I would like to hear from you.
See an Email from September 2008 below with additional information.

Cities named Livermore around the country

City Population, 2000 Description Named from
Livermore, California 73,345 City near the San Francisco Bay Area.  See this page for general information. Robert Livermore
Livermore, Colorado 1455 ??
6500 ??
Small rural town.  See photos below from my visit.  About 20 miles north of Ft. Collins. Liver Nash and Clayton Moore
Livermore, Maine 2106 About 6 miles south of Livermore Falls. ?
Livermore, Kentucky 1482   James Livermore
Livermore, Iowa 431 In North, Central Iowa.  Founded in 1879 at crossroads of railroads  
Livermore Falls, Maine 3227   Deacon Elijah Livermore
Livermore, New Hampshire 3 (2000 census) or 0 (other sources). The last person left town in 1949.  It was a logging town. ?
Livermore, Pennsylvania 0 people, but a lot of fish Now under the waters of the Conemaugh River Lake reservoir Alonzo Livermore (Canal Engineer)

The US Census has no data on Livermore, Colorado.  6500 comes from a resident that I talked to.  1455 comes from a schools site, with no date.  Given the rural nature of Livermore, Colorado, and the fact that the post office serves to the state border in three directions, population variations could be expected.


The Forks

The Forks Gas Station / General Store / Restaurant.
The first place you see as you enter Livermore.
It is at the fork in the road where Redfeather Lakes Road meets highway 287.
My (rental) car is on the left.

Update:  I have been told via email that The Forks has closed as of Aug 4, 2008.
The email was from someone who passed through occasionally and would stop in for pizza and pie.
If you have any information on this, let me know.

Mural on the side of The Forks

Another mural on the front of The Forks.
This one is quite faded.
If you know the story of this mural, please let me know.


The Forks from the side.

The upstairs dining area of The Forks


Email that I received in September 2008 from Bob Nauta (posted with permission):

My name is Bob Nauta. I was raised in Livermore, Colorado from when I was born in 1970 until I moved in 1993. My Dad was born and raised there, and moved in 1996. I have some info for you to add to your website:

1] The town is named after Liver Nash and Clayton Moore. Moore's name was shortened to More when the town was named. It was originally called Livermore Park.

2] The original Forks Hotel was built by R.O. Roberts in 1874 and opened in 1875. It burned down on Friday the 13th, December 1985. I remember the fire department still cooling to charred remains as my school bus passed on the way to school (9th grade). R.O. Roberts sold the Forks in 1882 and moved in to a house along the North Fork of the Poudre River. R.O.'s grandson, Evan (who passed away in 2002 at age 94) and his wife Catherine continued to live in that house. Catherine still lives there, and their only son Derek lives nearby on the ranch. Derek led the effort to rebuild the Forks after it burnt down.

My Grandparents (Ed and Sarah Nauta) owned the Forks for a time in the 40's and 50's and the Post Office was there too. My Grandparents, my Dad and his two brothers lived in the old hotel rooms upstairs. My Grandmother was the postmaster at that time. Before my Grandparents owned the Forks, my Dad's aunt and uncle (Paul and Dorothy Nauta) owned it, and Dorothy was the Post Master. My Grandmother took over for Dorothy when she decided to quit.

3] When my Grandparents sold the Forks, they moved into the house behind the Forks and to the right (Hwy 287 side) and the Post Office remained in the Forks. They later moved into the house on the left (Red Feather Road side) of the Forks and the post office was moved into a little room built on to the end of the house. When my Grandmother retired, my Mother became Post Master. Our house was to the left of the elementary school (as looking at the front of the school), and again the Post Office was in a room built onto the end of the house. When my Mother retired, we moved across the road, and the door that went between our house and the Post Office was sealed off and a new Post Master took over. From there it moved into it's current location. That location used to be a rock shop, owned by the lady who lives right behind the current post office.

4] The old Livermore Hotel is owned by a couple named Thomas and Kay Quan. I have several artifacts from the original Post Office building, including the original scale.

5] Eagle Rock is actually called Eagles Nest. I have hiked and camped there many times in my youth.

This is probably far more than you wanted to know, but I love talking about the history of my old stomping grounds!

Best regards,
Bob Nauta



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