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Moving the Dutro House
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The Dutro House was moved from the corner of Chestnut and L to the corner of Chestnut and P, right across from McDonalds.
The moved began at 7:00am on April 12, 2008.  By 8:30 it was pretty well in place.

Ready for the move

Checking one of the dollies

The two sets of dollies in the rear

Some of the group watching the process.

The move begins


Getting to the edge of the street


Connecting to the hitch on the truck.
Up until this point a cable was used to pull the house.
Unlike the house at Concannon, most of the Dutro House trip was accomplished by towing it from a truck.


Pulling onto the street



Heading for the intersection


The intersection of L and Chestnut


Guiding wires over the house


More wires to lift over the house



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All Photos by Bill Nale