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Moving the Gordon House

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The house was moved from the corner of S. Livermore and Tesla, back around the winery buildings.
It was moved on April 7, 2008 from about 10:00am to 12:00pm

The Dutro House was moved on Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday late afternoon.  The house is on wheels already.

Another view on Sunday Afternoon.
The foundation and basement for the house is to the left.

Monday morning, shortly before the move.

One rear sets of wheels at the right.  The front set, which hydraulically powered, can also be seen.


The Bobcat is actually powering the move. 
It has three hydraulic hoses connecting to the front set of wheels

It has moved about 100 feet at this point.

Looking across the old foundation to the house, that has not moved about 200 feet.


Going around the side of the new Concannon facility.

Moving past the side of the new Concannon building.


A very close fit.

It made it by just a few inches.


Taking the corner.

Coming around the back of the new Concannon building

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All Photos by Bill Nale