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Golden Triangle - Livermore
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Images from online services
This page shows images from the Microsoft Terraserver (USGS images), Google Earth, and Yahoo.
Each one has a different age of photo, allowing us to see the progress.


From the Microsoft Terraserver.  USGS image from June 12, 1993.
Note that in the upper right corner, the transit center it not yet present.  The site is pretty much empty.
Buildings are still present on the parking garage site.  Note that this pre-dated the ACE Train service.
The corrugated metal building that I think was a welding shop is still present.
In the Golden Triangle area, the old buildings are still present, including the old warehouse buildings.
The rental car sales lot appears to be still present where the movie theater is now.
Across Livermore Ave, the Lear-Kimler Building (the old court house) is still present.


Google Earth image.  This is probably in the 2002 to early 2003 timeframe.
Note that the transit center is now present (white loop of pavement near the upper right).
The ACE train parking lot is in place.
The corrugated metal building has since burned down (I believe) and can be seen as a white rectangle (the pad?)
The area for the temporary ACE parking lot is leveled and looks about ready to pave.  This means that the warehouse building are gone now.
The old buildings on 1st street are still there, but the rental car sales lot is gone.
Across Livermore Ave, the Lear-Kimler Building is gone and the current building with Uncle Yu's is under construction.


Yahoo Maps satellite image.  Probably Late 2004 to mid 2005.
The parking garage is in place (white rectangle top center).
The 1st street buildings have been demolished.  There appears to be a lot of work in that area.
No construction on either theater yet.
Note that the Performing Arts Theater is NOT parallel to Railroad Ave, but is parallel to 1st Street.
It will be directly centered with McLeod Street.



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