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Golden Triangle - Livermore
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Dutcher's Hardware Area
This spot was originally Dutcher's Hardware.  The McLeod Building was where the Bank of Italy Building is now.
  When the McLeod building was torn down in 1921, a small portion remained.
Livermore Cyclery was in this remaining portion of the McLeod building and Dutcher's Hardware.
These buildings were demolished on September 20, 2004


This image appeared in the Livermore Herald Midwinter Edition of January, 1896.
The McLeod building is to the left.

Taken May 17, 2003.  Dutcher's is the building on the right.  It and the middle building are Livermore Cyclery at the time of this photo.
Both buildings were torn down on September 20, 2004.  Livermore Cyclery is now on East First Street in what was the Kamps Furniture building.
This photo appears on the eLivermore.com postcard.

Similar view to the photo above after the Livermore Cyclery buildings were demolished, and the steel frame of the new buildings was built.  2/4/06

This angle is more in line with the post card photo.  10/22/06


McLeod Building, on the North East corner of 1st & Livermore, looking north.  Dutcher's Hardware store is the two story building on the right.  The Farmers Union building (Railroad & Livermore Ave) can just barely be seen on the left (3 upstairs windows with overhang below), just to the right of a barn on the far left.

Before the demolition February 1, 2003.

Just after the demolition.  Taken from the flagpole.
  The parking garage can now be seen from this spot.  9/24/04

Similar view from slightly back farther, in the day time.  Much of the debris has been cleaned up. 10/3/2004

The steel structure is being put in place for the buildings beside the Bank of Italy Building.  1/28/06

The coverings over the scaffolding have come off.  10/22/06


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