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6 - "Tony & Tina's Wedding" - 11/15/2009

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"Tony n' Tina's Wedding"

This was an unusual event at the Bankhead Theater.  No-one was seated in the theater chairs.  Everyone was on stage, taking part in the wedding of Tony n' Tina!  Everyone was treated as a wedding guest.  The groom and others came out and greeted the guests in the lobby.  We then all gathered on stage for the wedding.  Many people arrived in costume, from the 70s in New Jersey.  The text below described the performnace:

Get yourself invited to "Tony N' Tina's Wedding," now celebrating its 19th Hilarious Year in New York, where you don't just watch the show...you are the show!  Guests are seated on the Bankhead Stage throughout the evening, and it's an all-inclusive event where you're treated like one of the family.  This is not your typical fundraiser.

The event begins with the side-splitting ceremony where anything can happen (and usually does!).  Then, it's time for the most hilarious wedding reception you'll ever attend!  You'll enjoy a full Italian meal, raise a champagne toast, eat the wedding cake and dance away at the party you and your friends will be laughing about for years to come.  While dining, guests will sit among the actors and even have the option to dance with the bride and groom during the infamous money dance, when dollar donations for LVPAC will be accepted.

Starring in the show is "Tina," the headstrong 20-something party girl bride with an attitude - and "Tony," the rowdy, handsome, yet charming groom-to-be.  Other hilarious characters emerge from this quirky cast, which includes an entire wedding party of guests ranging from "Connie," the pregnant maid of honor, to "Father Mark," a priest who thinks he's hip.  As the party unfolds, the only guarantee is that there will be plenty of drama all around.

Please bring a wrapped wedding gift (nice or white elephant) to be placed in the auction to raise money for LVPAC.  Dress the part and come in character as a wedding guest for a fun filled show you won't forget!

Features the cast from the San Francisco Show at Fishermans Wharf.




Tony (the groom) meeting guests

The mother of the bride, who was running the wedding.

The bridal party







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