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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
46- Bankhead Theater Opening Night - 10/1/07

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Opening Night
The Four Freshmen

It was a perfect opening for the theater
The weather was great
The moon was ... OK, so the moon was a no-show until well after 10
Everything else went perfectly, however.
The Four Freshmen's performance to the sold out house was magnificent.
It was a great way inaugurate the theater.

The audience mingles and begins to enter the theater

Scott Charles performs on the SheaHomes Stage prior to the Peformance.

Entering the theater as curtain time approaches

The full house applauds the theater

The Four Freshmen perform.

Beverages and snacks are sold at intermission.

The performance continues.

All is quiet in front of the theater, and in the lobby following the intermission.


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