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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
42 - Bankhead Theater Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - 9/29/07

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The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Bankhead Theater
September 29, 2007

LVPAC Executive Director Len Alexander addresses the audience

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty discusses some of the history of the project

Taken from the upper level from inside the theater.

Another shot from the upper level of the theater
Note the Bankhead Theater sign and its shadow on the left

Connie Post reading her poem for the theater

(Dedicated to the Opening of the Livermore Performing Arts Center September 29, 2007)

After each wall
Has been elevated
By the quiet strength of familiar hands

After the concrete has found its way
Deep into the earth

After the rain has dried
From near by roads

When even the wind stops
To feel the texture of stone

You find a place
Where a town will gather
Open its arms
And sing in an octave

Never before heard

Even when the ground
Was first broken
Voices could be heard
Dances remembered
Symphonies played

But no one could have known
How the sky would change

How even the clouds would silently nod
To a concerto
–Lean forward to hear each note

No one could have known
How a structure can call our name
Know our story
Tell us to step across
The threshold

And find a seat
Where we know
We have always belonged

By Connie Post
Livermore Poet Laureate

Joan Seppala, publisher of the Independent Newspaper and President of LVPAC thanks the many people who have donated to the construction of the theater

The Livermore - Granada Chamber Chorale
Directed by Art Gagnier
perform during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Mayor Marshall Kamena says a few words.

The Ribbon Cutting in front of the Theater.


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All photos by Bill Nale

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