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Golden Triangle - Livermore
Page 19 - Performing Arts & Plaza. 1/4 to 2/3/07

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Looking down McLeod Street to the Performing Arts Theater 1/4/2007

Pumping concrete onto one of the upper levels.  1/5/07

The Plaza begins to take shape.  First Street is to the left, the Performing Arts Theater is to the right. 1/14/07

Performing Arts Theater  1/14/07


The Performing Arts Theater from the parking garage.  It is beginning to get enclosed. 2/3/07

The Restaurant / office building on the west side of the plaza. 
Fire and Ice will be on in on the left side of this building.  
Forms are in place for a concrete pour in the plaza.  First Street is to the left.  2/3/07

The Restaurant / office building which is beside the movie theater.
Taken from the Plaza, which has now been leveled.  First St. is to the right.  2/3/07

A Planter of some sort.  Forms are in place for the concrete pour.
Blacksmith Square can be seen at the upper left.  2/3/07

At the corner of 1st & Livermore.  The outside of the buildings are basically complete.
The white building behind the parked car will be Simply Fondue.
The building to the right of the red brick building will be Fire and Ice.  2/3/07


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