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Page 17 - Close up of Performing Arts Theater 12/10/06

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The performing arts center is expected to have its grand opening in the first two weeks of October 2007.
The current schedule is:
Contractor completion: Mid August 2007
Equipment testing and final detail completion:  Mid September 2007

The seating area of the Performing Arts Theater.
Concrete will be poured over the metal forms in a few weeks.
The 500 seats will all be within this sloped area

In the stage area.  12/10/06

The seating area and overhead erector set from the stage.  12/10/06

The seating area and stage, from the west side.  12/10/06

Underneath the seating area, from the lower lobby.  12/10/06

The stage, orchestra pit, and seating area.  12/10/06


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