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Golden Triangle - Livermore
Page 14 - Various 11/19/06

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Pretty much all of the auditorium framework is now in place.  11/19/06

A close-up of the auditorium.  11/19/06


A view from First Street gives a better view of the steel framework.  11/19/06

The outside of this portion of the movie theaters is about as done as it gets. 
There are even posters in place for Christmas time movies.  11/19/06

A view inside one of the theaters (the first one to the right of the entrance.
The seats are in place.  The screen is also in place.  Everything is covered to protect from dust, etc.
Not all of the theaters have the seats fully installed yet.
This photo was taken through the open exit door.  11/19/06


The left side of the movie theater entrance.  11/19/06

The right side of the movie theater entrance.  11/19/06


The "Dutcher's" area.  Note that the brick facade building goes straight through on all floors.
The bottom floor will be open on both sides.  11/19/06

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