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Golden Triangle - Livermore
Page 5 - Before & During Demolition

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Looking west from the middle of the Golden Triangle, about where the performing arts theater is now.  January 4, 2004
The building is the tune up shop, which is still there.
The edge of the Lucky's shopping center and one of the Blacksmith Square buildings (before renovation) can also be seen to the left of center.


Looking southwest from the far side of railroad Ave, just in front of the Veterinary Hospital.
A photo from this point now would show the back of the movie theater screens.

Taken from the completed parking garage, looking over the Golden Triangle. 
The temporary lot is still in place.  The first St. buildings have not yet been demolished.


Demolished buildings on 1st street, including Dutcher's Hardware.
The building on the far right is the Bank of Italy Building.
The flagpole is in the background.  I believe that this was the day that it was announced that the 99 year old flagpole would have to be removed.  Note that there is no flag, as it was worried that a flag may help the pole to break in a wind storm.

Taken from the flagpole.  The parking garage can now be seen from this spot.  9/24/04

Similar view from slightly back farther, in the day time.  Much of the debris has been cleaned up. 10/3/2004

The east (right) side of the Bank of Italy building. The dirt is where the old portion of the McLeod building was.  It was right against the Bank of Italy Building  The hole is the basement.  Note that there was a doorway from the Bank of Italy Building into the old portion of the McLeod building originally.  It appears to be closed up with brick later. 

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