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The Fountain

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Lizzie Oliver Fountain, constructed in 1976 after The Hub was torn down (see photos).  Located at the Northwest corner of First Street and Livermore Ave.
In February 2010, Lizzie fountain is being almost completely redone.

Stay tuned for photos of the progress.

Lizzie Fountain on 1/30/10 before demolition

A similar view on 2/6/10 after demolition


Another view on 1/30/2010 looking east toward the Independent building (aka Bank of Italy Building)

Lizzie fountain in the background, 1/30/2010


The clock at Lizzie Fountain, on 5/21/2000
The plaque reads in part::
Robert L. Howard Memorial
This Howard replica clock, (c. 1900), was installed in the fall
of 1995 as a memorial for Robert L. Howard - Owner of
Livermore Cyclery and member of the Livermore Main Street,
whose voulunteerism refliected his true commitment towards the
revitalization of downtown and the quality of life for its citizens