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Mt. Diablo Beacon
and Pearl Harbor Ceremony 2013
Page 14 - Lighting the Beacon

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Lighting the Beacon



Frank Dorritie, of Bugles Across America plays Taps



Carl Marble talks to the person at Mount Diablo, instructing that the Beacon be lit

Hank Fries hold the switch box that will in future years turn on the beacon and start the rotation.

The Beacon is lit.

Close up of the top of Mt. Diablo.

The Beacon from Livermore, the next morning.


A flock of geese fly by, but they did not time it well.
I couldn't get a beacon flash at the same time.

In the morning, another beacon on a communication tower (left side) was on.
I see this beacon randomly.  It has a much faster rep rate.
I never could catch the two beacons at full brightness together,
but in this one the Summit beacon at least visible, probably a half second from aiming south.
This is the view that I get from my bedroom.


All photos by Bill Nale of eLivermore.com