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Mt. Diablo Beacon
and Pearl Harbor Ceremony 2011
Page 6 - 2011 Ceremony

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Roland Gaebert, Superintendent, Mt. Diablo State Park
providing opening remarks

Wayne Korsinen introducing the speaker.


Earl J. "Chuck" Kohler was the main speaker
Stationed on Ford Island at the time of the attack.

Steve Barton sings "America the Beautiful"

Bing Walenter - USS Medusa 
President of Mt. Diablo Chapter 13 of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

Bill Hamilton - USS San Francisco

I did not get this gentleman's name.
3rd class petty officer.  Personnel officer USS Honolulu 

Hank Fries - USS Detroit

Lloyd Busbee - Marine base Kaneohe

BJ Smith - USS California

Commemorative Comments by
Ron Brown, Executive Director, Save Mt. Diablo

Kathleen Farley
President, Sons and daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors Chapter 5
Treasurer of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Chapter 13.
$3000 was presented to Save Mt. Diablo for the Beacon Lighting Fund.

Just after the conclusion of Taps being played.  Facing west, toward Pearl Harbor.

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All photos by Bill Nale of eLivermore.com