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Concannon Vineyards
The Old Tasting Room (Page 1 or 2)

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Rededication of Concannon Vineyards


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These photos were taken on January 3, 2009
a few days before the historic tasting room was closed for remodeling.

The old tasting room had a very rustic charm to it, from the brick, the rough ceiling wood, and the old wooden refrigerator doors.

Entrance to the tasting room.

Looking back toward the front door.
As this was January 3rd, the Christmas decorations can be still be seen.


The main tasting bar.

Awards on display behind the bar.

An old hand pump, likely used to move wine from one place to another.
Click here for a historic photo of a similar pump being used at Cresta Blanca

Looking from the front door area toward the south wall.

From near the front door looking straight back.

A group of people enjoying the tastings

A display of specialty holiday bottles of wine.
See the photo below for a close-up of the center row.
I could have cropped this photo to avoid the electrical, etc., but I didn't to emphasize the rustic look.

Close-up of the center row.


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