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Centennial Park Totem Pole

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Centennial Park is located on the North East corner of 4th and Holmes.  It is so named because the Centennial Time Capsule was buried there in 1969.  Later the time capsule could not be located, even by sophisticated metal detection equipment.  It turned out that it was located under the totem pole.

Text reads:

This Totem Pole carved by Adam Nordwald,
a dedicated American Indian, is symbolic
of the One Hundred year history of
the City of Livermore, 1869-1969

The carvings depict Robert Livermore,
founder and protector of the village,
the city's contribution toward harnessing
atomic energy for peaceful purposes, with
each ring representing ten years
of Livermore History.

Dedicated to the people of Livermore,
May 18, 1974