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2011 United States Bocce Championship
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Awards Ceremony
Campo di Bocce,
Campo di Bocce website

Recognized for their dedication to the sport of Bocce and refereeing at the Championships
Ron Jacobs, Keith Tate, Andrea Ross, John Ross

Heather Veon & Margaret Shindelus being thanks for all of their hard work.

Heather Veon receives a gift of a set of bocce balls.

Margaret Shindelus, receiving an award for her hard work in making the 2011 National Championships such a special event.

Outgoing board members of the United States Bocce Federation
Rick Wagstaff, Brian Polantz, Mike Croce


One of the gold medals given out at the ceremony

Men's Volo Combo
Silver: Benji Tosi  --  Gold: Ben Musolf  --  Silver: Luca Fontana

Men's Volo Singles
Gold: Jorge Moreno  --  Silver: Benji Tosi  --  Bronze: John Dine


Men's Volo Precision
Gold: Jorge Moreno  --  Silver: Benji Tosi  --  Bronze: Pierino Guglielmetti


Men's Volo Overall
Silver: Jorge Moreno (13 points)  --  Gold: Benji Tosi (15 points)  --  Bronze: Ben Musolf (8 points)


Women's Doubles Punto, Raffa, Volo
Bronze: Shirley Croce & Teresa Rae  --  Silver: Maria Narayan & Rena Harel  --  Gold: Navina Bernardi & Colleen Randazzo

Women's Volo
Doubles:  Gold: Laura dela Rosa & Joann Jacobs  --  Silver: Margaret Shindelus, Jean Gocin  --  Bronze: Lydia Romo, Colleen Randazzo

Precision Shooting
Gold: Margaret Shindelus

Open B Bronze Medal:  Campo Crew (all work at Campo di Bocce in Livermore)
Jacob Kiley, Gerald Gilligan, Nate Frost, Heather Veon, Danny Dahl, with Ben Musolf

Open B Silver Medal:  Baresi
Joe Pelligrini, Kermit Olsen


The entire team, following the match.
Jack Citti, Tony Schiavone, Joe Pelligrini, Kermit Olsen

Open B Gold Medal:  Vino Volo
John Contreras, Jack Woo, Garry Dahl, Norriss Gooler, Marc Beall (not present)


Open A Bronze Medal: Mt. Vernon Bocce
(Photo taken following the match - they were unable to attend the ceremony)
Gabe Quattelocchi, Guy De Santis, Frank De Santis, Jack Bilancia


Open A Silver Medal: IAC #4
David Camardo, Rick Wagstaff, Pierino Guglielmetti, David Canclini

Open A  Gold Medal: Stockton IAC
Mike Croce, Vern Cooper, Bob Kennedy, Larry Cereghino


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