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2011 United States Bocce Championship
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Men's Punto Raffa Volo
Campo di Bocce,
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Menís Punto Raffa Volo Competition.

This is the only competition of the 2011 US Bocce Championships where the winner goes on to the International Bocce Championships.

Teams consist of up to 4 players. Three games are played per match, the first is 3 on 3 players, the second is 1 on 1, and the third (if necessary) is 2 on 2. Winning 2 out of three games wins the match. Any given player can only throw in two of the three matches. A player may be substituted, but the substituted player cannot return to that match, and both are considered as having played.

In the gold medal and bronze medal games, the 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 matches were played at the same time so it was not possible for one player to play in both unless it is parts of each. It turned out that in both matches, the team winning the 3 on 3 also won the 2 on 2 before the 1 on 1 completed. This halted the 1 on 1 game as the match was already decided. The gold and bronze matches went to 15 points, requiring a win by 2.  Previous rounds were played to 12, win by 1.

In the 3 on 3 game, each player throws 2 balls for a total of 6 per team per frame.
In the 1 on 1 game each player throws 4 balls each per frame.
In the 2 on 2 game each player throws 2 balls for a total of 4 per team per frame.

Each player in the 3 on 3 and 2 on 2 would often thrown their own bocce balls, which did not necessarily match. This requires close observation to know which balls belong to which team.




















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