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2011 United States Bocce Championship
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Open A & B
Campo di Bocce, Los Gatos

Campo di Bocce website


"Open" rules are the standard set of Bocce rules that most people play in casual games.
The rules are very simple.  "Get the big balls close to the little ball".

  • The person or team who scored points on the previous frame throws the pallino and the first ball (in the first frame you either flip a coin or put the pallino on the far "dot".

  • All thrower must not cross the D line before releasing the ball (back of the heel on the line is OK).

  • If the ball hits the back wall before hitting any other balls, it is removed any any balls it hits after hitting the back wall are moved back to their previous positions.

  • Any bocce or the pallino hit by the thrown bocce or other balls can go any distance.

  • Balls can be a gentle roll, or a running throw.

  • Points are scored by the team who has the closest ball to the pallino.  One point for each ball that is closer to the pallino than any of the other team's balls.

US Bocce Championships Open A & B

Up to 5 players on a team. Only 4 play per match, two per side. For a given frame only two players throw from each team, with the other two from each team throwing on the alternate frames. A player may be substituted, but the substituted player may not return.

Matches are to 12 points. The team need only be ahead by 1 (12-11 is a win). The championships are to 15, requiring a win by 2. The bronze medal game was to 12 (I think), win by 1.



















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