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2011 United States Bocce Championship
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The 2011 United States Bocce Championship was held at Campo di Bocce in Livermore and Los Gatos.

The competition included several events (see the list above left) but only the Men's Punto Raffa Volo winners will go on to the International Championship, to be held at Campo di Bocce in Livermore in May 2012.  The Los Gatos location will have some competition, but the main events will be in Livermore.  eLivermore.com will be there to cover the action.


Women's Doubles Punto Raffa Volo
Campo di Bocce,
Campo di Bocce website

Punto Raffa Volo Basics

Punto Raffa Volo is the most common set of rules for competition. It is named after the three types of throws:

Punto: A normal throw to achieve a point. The object normally is to get the ball as close to the pallino as possible. If the punto throw hits other balls, they cannot move more than 70cm from their previous positions or the throw is void. The thrown ball is removed and the other balls are returned to their previous position except for the advantage rule (the opposing team can choose to have all balls, including the thrown ball, remain in their new positions if they feel that is an advantage to them). If the struck balls do not travel more than 70cm, but the thrown ball continues more than 70cm, the thrown ball remains, but the other balls are returned to their previous position, except for the advantage rule.

Raffa: The raffa throw is used to move existing balls. It is commonly used when the opponent’s ball is very close to the pallino, such that it would be difficult to get the point with a punto throw. The raffa throw is often made from a run, throwing the ball at high speed.  I have several photo sequences of a raffa throw.

The player must indicate which ball is the target of the raffa throw. If the target is not hit, the ball is void and is removed, and any other balls that were moved by the throw are put back to their previous positions except for the advantage rule. Any ball, including the pallino may be the target.

Volo: A volo shot is an aerial shot, targeting another ball or the pallino. It is the most dramatic shot. In the US championships, when the target was near the far end, the grandstands behind the court were cleared out for fear of a bocce ball flying into them.

For the volo shot the ball must first hit the surface within 40cm of the target ball, or it may hit the target ball directly. An arc is drawn by the Arbitro (referee) 40cm from the target ball prior to the throw. If the target is missed or the ball hits the surface greater than 40cm from the target, the ball is removed, and any ball that is displaced is put back to the previous position except for the advantage rule.

This is a simplified description of the rules.  There are additional details to the rules that apply.


Women's Doubles

Each team consists of two players. Each player makes two throws during each frame. The two players may throw in any order. The order is often chosen at the time by the type of throw necessary. I.E. if one player is a better raffa thrower, she will take the shot when a raffa is required, assuming that she has not already thrown two balls.

Matches are to 12 points. The team need only be ahead by 1 (12-11 is a win). The championships are to 15, I believe requiring a win by 2. The bronze medal game was to 12, win by 1.





















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