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Tour of California 2009
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The Tour of California came through Livermore on Tuesday, February 17, 2009
It was a rainy day, but the rain stopped about 20 minutes before the riders came through.
I was stationed at the corner of Concannon and Murdell for these photos.
Stage 3 began in San Jose and ended in Modesto.  The route goes through Calaveras Blvd (by the reservoir) and they up through highway 84.
They they will stay on 84 as it becomes Isabel Ave, and turn right onto Concannon.  The route follows the entire length of Concannon and turns right onto S. Livermore Ave, they goes out of Livermore on Tesla.

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Mrs. Scarbrough's 1st grade class from Emma Smith School came out to cheer on the riders.
They are holding up "Livestrong" (Lance Armstrong's Foundation) signs that were passed out by a tour van about 15 minutes ahead of the riders.

The first group of 4 riders were 5 minutes and 21 seconds (based on the time stamp on the photos) ahead of the pack.

The first 4 riders pass the cheering 1st grade group.

The pack heads down Concannon from Isabel.



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